14 Tips to Getting Shredded

Tips to getting shredded

Guys, getting ripped isn’t easy. It takes a lot of dedication to both training and eating right, while also maintaining a health social and professional life.  Looking like the guys on the cover of a magazine is tough.

But, there are some tips to getting shredded easier.  And some may surprise you.  For example, did you know that carbs can actually help you because they give you energy to lift heavier and build more muscle so that you burn more calories? You also shouldn’t skip meals.  In other words, we’re telling you to make sure you eat enough to get ripped.  Keep reading for more tips to getting shredded more easily.

14 Tips to Getting Shredded

Truth time: You can’t really shortcut getting a rock-hard body. However, there are some smart ways for you to achieve your chiseling goals without wasting time or—worse—doing things that undercut your efforts. Here, Colette Nelson, professional bodybuilder, personal trainer and coach, and registered dietician, and Doug Miller, professional bodybuilder and co-author of Biology for Bodybuilders, share their dos and don’ts for sculpting a competition-worthy physique.

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