17 Tips To Creating A Solid Morning Routine

morning routine

Having a solid morning routine is one of the secrets for the world’s most successful, happiest and healthiest people. However, it’s not easy to just decide one day you’re going to wake up every morning and start working out and eating a healthy breakfast. Lucky for you, there are creative and simple tricks you can use on a daily basis to help support you in having a more productive morning – which will lead to a more productive day.

Create a solid morning routine with these 17 simple tips

Your morning sets the tone for everything you’ll accomplish all day. If you’re rolling out of bed after hitting snooze a dozen times, you’re doing it wrong.

Turn your pre-work ritual into a finely tuned machine of productivity with these 17 tips that’ll put you in boss-mode before you’ve even left your house.

1. If you’re awake before your alarm, get out of bed

Giving up those extra few minutes of rest when you realize you’ve awoken before your alarm may be the hardest thing you do all morning. But if you’re tempted to go back to sleep, don’t. You’ll fall into a deeper sleep cycle, and it’ll be all the more painful to get up nine minutes later.

2. Try an “inverted snooze”

The trouble with snoozing is that one is never enough. It may sound like a new age yoga proposition, but the theory suggests that pressing snooze can be good for you—if you get out of bed. After you hit the button, you have to stay out of bed for the next nine minutes, rather than in it. Use that window like a gift of free time to do something you’d skip otherwise. Make your bed, listen to music, meditate. After the time’s up, you’ll be moving and ready, rather than inclined to press that button a few more times.

3. Put your alarm on the other side of room

Sometimes you need a little tough love. Set that blaring alarm to eardrum-piercing volumes and keep it at least 10 feet away from your bed, so you’ll need to get up to turn it off. Look at that, you’re up!

4. Drink lemon water instead of coffee

Hear me out. We’re not saying give up coffee completely, just make warm lemon water the first beverage of the day. According to Life Hack, it’ll help get your metabolism going, and its incredibly sour taste may shock you awake. Save your first cup of coffee for when you get to work.

5. Time the length of your morning routine

Do you know exactly how many minutes it takes you to get ready each morning? Probably not. You have a rough idea, and that’s why you’re always late. One day, get out a timer and find out your average time, from the alarm-sounding to the door-slamming. From here on out, you’ll be able to budget your time more accurately.

6. Get out of bed and exercise

Exercising in the morning will give you a solid sense of accomplishment, sure, but it’ll also jump-start your metabolism and make you feel more energetic all day.

7. Ditch the iron

Who has time to iron their dress shirts in the morning? Literally no one. Get a travel steamer for your apartment, which smoothes out wrinkles just as well without all the hassle of an ironing board.

8. Leave your keys on top of the things you most often forget

If you packed a lunch the night before but can’t ever seem to remember it, stash your keys on top of it, even if it’s in the fridge. That way, you can’t walk out the door without grabbing it. Ditto for a gym bag, backpack, dry cleaning, or whatever else usually slips your mind and thwarts your daily productivity.

9. Check the next day’s weather before you go to bed

That way, if you know you’ll need an umbrella or a raincoat, you can set it out in advance. Boom. One less thing to worry about in the morning.

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