3 Workouts To Tone Up Your Arms At Home

tone up your arms

Too self-conscious to workout at the gym? Slept through your AM workout class? No problem! There are plenty of workouts you can do right at home that will save you anxiety and time. Try these 3 home workouts to tone up your arms so you’re ready for the beach and a night out on the town.

At home workouts to tone up your arms

WORKOUT #1: Disc Fix
Expert: Mindy Mylrea, creator of the Gliding Disc program and star of the DVD All About Arms
Secret weapon: Gliding Discs. These slick circles slide on carpet, wood, and linoleum. Add them to traditional moves like lunges and your muscles will work extra hard to control your motion. (discs plus instructional DVDs, $23; glidingdiscs.com)
The plan: You can easily slide a supershort toning routine into your day using Gliding Disc moves. Do this 6-minute routine 3 or 4 times a week, starting with 10 reps of each exercise and building up to 3 sets of each. To burn more fat every day and get extra energy, start each morning with a 5-minute cardio microburst. After a quick warm-up, do jump squats, V-sits, jumping lunges, or mountain climbers.

Top toners:

1. Wide-arm push-up

With discs under palms, slide hands out to sides as you bend elbows and lower. Slide them back in as you push up.

2. Sliding dip

With discs under feet, bend elbows back to lower hips while you extend one or both legs. Straighten arms and slide leg(s) back in.

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