7 Fitness Experts Share Tips Better Habits for Sleep and Exercise

When people think about fitness and getting in shape, the most common focuses are usually exercise and diet. We know that burning calories and eating right contribute to a better body, but what about rest?

Mounting evidence shows that sleep is a vital component of fitness as well, important not only for energy, but also for keeping muscles healthy and hormones balanced.

Research from Stanford found improved athletic performance when their basketball team slept more, and a Northwestern University study also found that people exercised longer on days following good sleep. Several studies also associate too little sleep with higher body fat and greater risk of obesity.

But not only does sleep boost your workouts and possibly weight loss, getting regular exercise also benefits your sleep quality, creating a symbiotic and complementary relationship.

These 7 fitness experts tell you how to manage sleep for better health results.

1. Emily Schromm – Stop checking emails and turn off the TV at least 30 minutes before bedtime.

2. Jessie Pavelka – Be mindful and create balances.

3. Layne Norton – Nutrition before sleep is more important than people think. An intake of carbohydrates at night actually may have a bigger impact on fat loss than front loading carbs.

4. Kelli Segars – Much of the repairing that the body does after an intense workout happens while you’re sleeping, specifically during deep sleep. This makes it crucial to get enough rest each night.

5. Heather Frey – Get your workout in first thing in the morning. It leaves less of a chance to talk yourself out of going. Besides, late night workouts sometimes make it tougher to fall asleep.

6. Lucas James – Having my clients schedule and prioritize their sleep habits and workouts keeps them on track with their goals and improves their overall health.

7. It’s actually the time that we spend at rest (not during the actual workout…the workout itself is when we are breaking the muscles down as we lift weights) that our muscles are able to rebuild and recover, which earns us those results that we work so hard for.

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