9 Unassuming Benefits Of Yoga

benefits of yoga

Yoga’s benefits go far beyond improving flexibility and focus. It can actually improve most areas of your life including your relationships, sex life, moods, sleep and…. Well, you’ll just have to read more to find out.

The incredible life benefits of yoga

You may do yoga to become flexible, banish stress, or get a dose of spirituality, but the ancient practice also comes with lots of other benefits that may not be as obvious—and many are backed by research studies.

What kind of payoff can you expect from rolling out a mat? Here are the Well+Good resources that hit on yoga’s long list of superpowers, from how it can improve your sex life to how it helps relieve a wicked headache.

1. PSA: Yoga and CrossFit can improve your sex life
Another reason not to skip your workout: singles who exercise have more sex—and CrossFitters and yogis are reaping the biggest benefits.

2. 3 reasons you should really add yoga to your race training plan
The things most runners really need (besides sneakers and mileage), you can get from adding yoga to your training plan, says Nike Master Trainer Traci Copeland.

3. Colleen Saidman Yee: Why yoga is great for losing weight
You won’t get tips for dropping 3 pounds in 5 days from Saidman Yee. Instead she explains how to use yoga for weight loss in a way that’s totally holistic.

4. Why your boyfriend should come with you to yoga
Real men are flexible. Here’s why, according to fitness trainer Al Kavadlo.

5. Get grounded with these 10 slow-the-heck-down yoga poses
This tough but short yoga sequence—with 10 relaxing poses from celeb yogi Mandy Ingber—will help you feel grounded in just 30 minutes.

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