A HIIT Workout On Water

HIIT workout

Sure most of us have seen people doing daring yoga moves on stand up paddleboards, while we can barely maintain our balance just trying to move forward. Exercises that work out multiple parts of the body such as burps, HIIT and balance work are all shown to be incredibly effect at toning the body and melting fat. But what happens when you combine all of these and put them in the water? Leila Francis Coleman, founder of Aquaphysical, has created a new challenging HIIT workout on water that will leave your muscles burning and cool at the same time.

An calorie-torching HIIT workout on water

Leila Francis Coleman is the woman behind Aquaphysical. The 27-year-old entrepreneur quit her job as a business analyst to become a fitness trainer just over a year ago.

She came up with the idea of a floating exercise mat after spending her youth sailing. ‘I used to ache all over after a day out on the water,’ she says.

‘My muscles would go into overdrive trying to give me enough stability not to get tipped off the dingy.’

Leila launched the workout in swimming pools across the capital at the start of this year. The company also sells their high-tech boards through their website for use at home – from the local pool to your garden pond.

Exercising on a board works your core and raises your heart rate. As your base is unstable, your muscles have to work much harder to maintain balance, she adds.


Swimming in cold water increases your heart rate by 20 beats per minute.

To start, we do some gentle twisting from the waist. This is too much for Hannah, on the board next to me. With a shriek, she plunges into the lake.

Feeling smug at having stayed upright, I twist vigorously. My comeuppance is swift. I lose my balance and follow her into the murky depths.

Clambering back on to my board, I vow not to fall in again. Next, Berti tells us to jump on our boards for the ‘mountain climber’ move, a tricky-looking exercise in press-up position while moving your legs in step motions to mimic climbing.

It’s a relief when we move on to stomach crunches – something I never thought I’d say. At least lying down, there’s no danger I’ll fall in. In the same vein, I positively embrace push-ups.

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