A No-Equipment 20-Minute Total Body Workout

total body workout

The keys to an effective workout are challenging your body, raising your heart rate and keeping up your motivation. Celebrity fitness trainer, Brett Hoebel, shares this 20-minute total body workout that hits all three levels so you can finally start seeing the results you want without dreading a long, boring workout.

Get a total body workout in under 30 minutes

Get in, get out, get results. That’s the formula—and the beauty—of this one-and-done workout that you whip through in precisely 20 minutes. Why not 30? Or even 15? Because 20 is the exercise sweet spot at which your focus and form won’t fade and you’ve done enough reps to reshape your body, says celebrity fitness pro Brett Hoebel. “Ten or 15 minutes isn’t enough time for you to hit your peak effort,” he explains. “And most people’s energy starts to drop dramatically after a tough 20-minute session.”

So Hoebel devised his 20-Minute Body plan (which is now a book) to make every second count. Each of the six exercises here are “big-bang moves” that burn tons of calories and strengthen your whole body.

What this means for your body: a flatter belly, a perkier butt, improved strength and endurance, better coordination—and a little swagger, thanks to the Capoeira-inspired martial arts moves in the mix. After 20 days, you’ll see that it’s not too good to be true. We’re certain you can find the time to give it a try.

How it works: Do move one for 30 seconds. Do moves two and three for 1 minute each. Rest for 1 minute. Follow this format for the second trio of moves to complete one round. Repeat from the top until you’ve done three rounds total; that will take you 20 minutes. You have an option to tack on the two bonus booty toners at the end of the workout (and an extra 7 minutes) to finish with some serious butt-lifting that we think is totally worth it! Do this routine three times a week on alternate days.
You will need: No equipment
1) Run and Sprawl
A) Run in place with high knees, pumping arms for 4 seconds. In one fluid motion, crouch, place palms on floor, jump feet back to plank and lower entire body to floor.
B) Then quickly press up and jump feet to hands; stand and immediately start running in place again. Continue alternating running and sprawling for 30 seconds.
Sets: 1  |  Reps: AMRAP for 30 seconds
2) Plyo Prisoner Lunge
A) Stand with feet hip-width apart, bend elbows, and place fingertips behind head. Keeping head and chest lifted, jump left leg into a reverse lunge, bending both legs 90 degrees
B) Immediately jump and switch legs, landing softly in a reverse lunge with right leg back. Continue quickly alternating sides for 1 minute.
Sets: 1   |   Reps: AMRAP for 1 minute
3) Leg-Swing Pushup
A) Start on floor in plank on your palms. Extend right leg out to side.
B) Keeping right leg still, bend elbows to lower body to hover 2 inches above floor. Push up. Switch sides; repeat. Continue alternating sides for 1 minute.
Sets: 1   |   Reps: AMRAP for 1 minute

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