A Smart Water Bottle That Tracks Your Daily Intake

daily water intake

So you know you should be drinking more water. You even keep a glass right by your desk and carry around a water bottle, but at the end of the day you’re tired, dehydrated and realized you barely took a sip of good that ol’H2O all day!

Well, don’t fret, there may be a solution on it’s way!  This new smart water bottle that tracks our daily water intake.

Track your daily water intake with this smart water bottle

We track our exercise, our sleep patterns, and our diet. But there hasn’t been a device to track the most essential element in our bodies: water.

That’s about to change with HidrateMe—a smart water bottle that syncs with your phone to track your daily water intake. It even glows to remind you when it’s time to drink up!

All you have to do is set your hydration goal and it goes to work. And since it can also sync to your fitness trackers and apps, it adjusts to the amount of energy you exert, and even different climates. Plus, it comes in a sleek design that actually looks like a water bottle instead of a high-tech device.

The best part is, people actually want it. HidrateMe is still just a Kickstarter campaign, in essence, but with less than a month to go, the campaign has already surpassed its goal [of] $35,000.

Take a closer look with this video. Either way, we should start seeing it hit store shelves sometime soon.

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