Barry’s Bootcamp – Stronger Than Ever

Barry’s Bootcamp has been around for a long time now, having launched in 1998 in Los Angeles. This boutique studio/group fitness workout is proving to stand the test of time as it’s brand is stronger than ever.

Over the last 4 years, Barry’s Bootcamp has expanded to New York City, Boston, Nashville, Miami, and even as far as London and Norway.  Joey Gonzalez explains why this high intensity, cardio and strength training workout not only stands the test of time, but continues to expand and even grow in popularity among fit celebrities. 

Barry’s is a results-driven workout,” partner and celebrity trainer Joey Gonzalez tells PEOPLE. “It’s for people who are totally serious about getting in shape and are frustrated with having tried things that just don’t work.

And the workout, which alternates between cardio and strength training in 15-minute intervals, keeps everyone coming back for more. “Cardio absolutely helps people get into shape. Aside from burning fat, it strengthens your heart and your lungs,” says Gonzalez. But that’s only half of what Barry’s is about. “The other 30 minutes is true strength training. You’re building lean muscle tissue and raising the resting metabolic rate so you’ll burn extra calories throughout the day.”

So you might start running on the treadmill at various speeds and inclines, and then switch to floor work with weights. And then you hit the treadmill again. And then back to the floor.


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