Brooke Burke-Charvet Shares Her Simple Hot Bod Secrets

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You might think all celebrities stay in shape because they can afford personal trainers and private chefs, but Brooke Burke-Charvet breaks the mold on that. Balancing being a TV host, model, clothing designer and mom, she may have you thinking she has an entourage to support all her health needs. However, Brooke shares how she actually finds the time to do much of her working out and healthy eating on her own. If this woman can do it, I don’t think any of us can complain we don’t have time!

The uncomplicated side of healthy: Brook Burke-Charvet shares her tips

Brooke Burke-Charvet has been a TV host, model, clothing designer and more, but the thing she’s most proud of is being a mom and wife. caught up with Burke-Charvet, a spokesperson for Hillshire Farm, as she helped kick off the Hillshire Farm Naturals “Summer Love It” Tour. While you might think she’s able to eat healthy meals and achieve that six-pack because she’s a celebrity and has help, Burke-Charvet says that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“I love to cook, so I don’t employ anyone to cook for me,” she says. “And I don’t work out for two hours a day because I’m a working mom and don’t have time.”

While she might not have a traditional job, Burke-Charvet says her approach will work for any busy mom. “I think it’s really easy to have a healthy lifestyle when it comes to food if you just experiment,” she notes. “I never skimp on flavor and I eat really well. I really believe in eating and finding things your belly enjoys.”

One of her go-to recipes is actually a simple sandwich. “I take a fresh whole wheat bread, sliced really thin and toasted. Then we’ll put an avocado, a slice of cheese and ham and we’ll make these sort of gourmet sandwiches in two minutes,” she says. “It doesn’t have to have 15 ingredients and half an hour of prep time. I have to knock out a meal for a really hungry family.”

When it comes to her workouts, Burke-Charvet’s approach is much like her philosophy about cooking. She aims for quick sessions — 4-5 times a week for about an hour. “I try to do Soul Cycle one to two times a week and I also teach a class in Malibu called ‘Booty Burn,'” she says. “It’s a mind, body, spirit, rhythmic integrated workout that’s body lifting and sculpting. I do that, if I’m not working, three times a week.”

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