Celeb Trainer On How To Prevent Cellulite And Get Fit

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Want to get a smooth, toned and tight body? There are certain rules that celebrity trainer, Christine Bullock swears by to lose weight, feel energized, improve digestion and prevent cellulite. And if you see her body, you might take her up on her advice. 

Diet and fitness secrets from a top celeb trainer

Christine Bullock is one of the most inspirational celebrity fitness trainers in Los Angeles with a wealth of knowledge regarding exercise, health and nutrition. I recently met her at a press event in Santa Monica earlier this summer where she taught an incredible fitness class followed by a Q and A session on nutrition and healthy living. I learned so much at this event and was able to easily apply the information to my own daily life. Christine also introduced her new DVD, “Evolution20,” a 60-day high performance fitness and nutritional program. This series of exercises offers the most effective way to get lean in only 20 minutes a day with no equipment needed. Christine is a beauty from the inside out and her zest for life and passion to be healthy are truly motivational. I caught up with her so she could share some of her tips and tricks on how to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat well and get in great shape!

Melissa Meyers: What are your top five most effective exercises to sculpt and slim down the body?

Christine Bullock: With the right exercises you can truly sculpt and shape the body. Like most ladies I love a feminine, hourglass shape. We can achieve that corseted look by tightening the inner and outer obliques so that they wrap tightly around the waistline from 360 degrees. My Sweaty Angel and Yogi Bicycle exercises are rotational core movements, so they work the muscles that squeeze around your waist. These moves are extra effective and intense because they require you to use the entire body. I love to use the whole body when focusing on working arms and back (with my plank swimmer) and toning legs (with my Leg Pull) as well. Lastly, you can’t neglect the butt. I always make sure to get explosive exercises into my workout — not only do they shape the tush quickly, but jumping moves also ward off cellulite! I make an effort to throw a few Plie Jumps into every workout session.

MM: Tell us about your new DVD, Evolution20 and why it is so effective.

CB: Evolution20 was developed from years of working in the fitness industry and discovering what worked best. I’m in better shape every year because I learned to add diversity into my workouts while keeping them short and efficient. There are 10 different workouts in Evolution 20, broken into 2 phases which increases in difficulty. Each workout is only 20 minutes for two reasons. First, everyone can fit 20 minutes into your schedule — so you can make fitness a daily habit even with the craziest schedule. Second, an effective 20 minute workout will have better and faster results than a traditional 60 minute workout. I provided a 60-day calendar so each day has a different workout, reducing any plateau in your results. In addition, it’s a complete health program because I have added over 43 recipes laid out in a 60-day program, including variations on pizza, burgers, chips and even chocolate! Combining effective innovative 20-minute workouts and 20-minute delicious meals and you can achieve the figure of your dreams.

MM: Any tips on on how to stick to your goals?

CB: Know your large goals and make them achievable, but focus on smaller goals that will add up to your main dream. Hate to break it to you, but, “Oprah wasn’t built in a day.” It takes time to achieve any dream. If you falter, as we all do, don’t give up just get back to it. Hang around with family and friends that support your dreams and have similar dreams to re-inspire you when you are having a down day. Don’t focus on anyone else’s dream or compare your results, we all have a different path. Yours is special. What may look like a set-back is actually a blessing waiting to happen.

MM: How much does diet affect your weight vs. exercise?

CB: Diet is the main component. You are what you eat — literally. You eat 3-6 times a day and every bit of nutrient or trash you put in your body creates your organs down to your cells. Fitness assists the biological process after you create your chemical makeup with the foods you consume. You can eat healthy fats like avocados, that will create a cellular lipid layer allowing toxins to leave and nutrients to enter or you can eat unhealthy fats like grease and create a lipid layer that is clogged and inefficient. Not only do the wrong foods add weight, they age you rapidly. Eat vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, seeds, nuts, and grains to create the body we were meant to have when we lived off our own lands instead of on fast-food. You have to take charge, because big companies are only concerned about making money not your overall well-being.

MM: What kinds of foods do you eat on a regular basis?

CB: I drink a smoothie for breakfast, so that my first meal is filled with nutrients that are already pre-digested and more bio-available. I add alkaline greens like spinach, spirulina, chlorella, along with super foods like acai, bee pollen, and gogi berries. I top it off with fats from coconut and complete proteins from pea, brown rice, potato and hemp seeds.

I like to have a salad or soup with a protein source for lunch and steamed vegetables with protein for dinner. I snack on a piece of fresh fruit, seeds, or nuts.


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