ClassPass – Not Just for Boutiques Anymore

ClassPass has announced it’s biggest partnership yet with Crunch Fitness

Classpass                           Crunch

Fresh off of last month’s announcement of a $40M capital raise, ClassPass once again ups the ante in the multi-studio fitness and booking scene. Up until recently, ClassPass has focused exclusively on letting its members book boutique fitness, yoga, and dance studio classes. With the addition of Crunch Fitness, ClassPass members now can take classes at Crunch Gyms and use their facilities.

Select Crunch locations will now let ClassPass members take some of their specialty fitness classes, which include Antigravity Yoga, Cycle Karaoke, and X Pole Dancing. Members also have use of Crunch’s gym facilities. However, just like typical ClassPass studios, classes and gym usage times are subject to Crunch’s own policies, so don’t expect to access the gym at peak times.

From a brand perspective, considering how high end some of the studios on ClassPass are, we’d think Equinox might have made a better fit.  However, until we see Soul Cycle on ClassPass’ schedule (among other reasons, so don’t hold your breath), we’ll never see Equinox get on board with this. Crunch is a great 2nd choice as an inaugural partners, and this deal is a step in the right direction for ClassPass, which has been running the risk of being a little too niche (boutique fitness, while huge in NYC and select other cities, still has a way to go among the rest of mainstream America).

We expect ClassPass to announce more gyms as part of its offerings, both independent venues and larger chains. TSI, owner of New York Sports Clubs is another big name we think we could see getting on board, given that their boutique brand BFX already participates with the booking service, not to mention their TSI’s presence in ClassPass’ East Coast cities.

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