The Cowboy Workout Spurs You Into Shape

We first saw this workout on Sweat, Inc. with Jillian Michaels a few weeks ago. It’s a good thing that Ryan Ehmann morphed his program into a more accessible “Rodeo Bootcamp” from the quite literal the initial iteration of his Cowboy workout. 

Sound gimmicky? Hold on there, pardner. Consider this: Participants wear heart-rate monitors so the trainer can keep them in the appropriate training zone. There’s a nutrition program. And the workout on the fences (yes, there are fences) blends full-body movement and strength, balance and flexibility with high-intensity interval training.

“Very effective,” said Rachel Halphen, still sweating post-workout on a recent Tuesday evening. Halphen, 29, lives in Loveland and was going to the original Cowboys Gym there; the lease is up on that space, though, so Ehmann’s moving it. Halphen now goes to the new gym in Fort Collins, where she works.

“It’s not boring, and they keep you accountable,” she said.

In some ways, accountability is at the core of the story of Cowboys Gym. Most recently, that push for accountability came from fitness superstar Jillian Michaels.

Earlier this month, Ehmann appeared in an episode of ” Sweat Inc.,” a reality show for fitness entrepreneurs that Michaels is hosting on Spike TV.

The entrepreneurs are competing for a $100,000 grand prize to launch their fitness concept or product. The winner will be revealed in the finale at midnight on Dec. 8.

In Ehmann’s recent episode on “Sweat Inc.,” one of the people he’s supposed to train disappears, and Michaels hauls his fence out to a Dumpster. It looks like disaster for Cowboy Ryan.

“When she took my fence and threw it in the trash, then she stripped me outta my rodeo (gear) — my boots, my pants — and put me in the spandex, that was the same day Matt didn’t show up as well. So that was a brutal day for me,” Ehmann said.

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