Crunning, the New Fitness Craze?

We started doing this in Crossfit and called the exercise ‘Bear Crawls.’ Apparently, this Aussie just ‘discovered’ it and has entitled the movement, ‘crunning.’ Seriously, it’s a combo of running and crawling. 

This primal type of movement is excellent for the core and overall strength training. However, we’d advise against doing it in jeans. 

Tired of traditional running? Well, maybe it’s time to try using your hands instead.

That’s what Shaun McCarthy and other Australian residents are doing — running on all fours. It’s part of the Internet’s latest fitness craze: “Crunning.”

This strange new trend might just be your thighs’ worst nightmare, combining a fast-paced crawl and a run that’s sure to cause quite a stare … especially when you do it in public.

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