Eat To Maximize Your Exercise Results As A Runner

maximize your exercise results

What you eat, when you eat and how much are incredibly important if you’re looking to maximize your exercise results. Check them out below…

6 tips to maximize your exercise results

When you start exercising regularly, you might have to revamp some of your everyday eating habits in order to feel your best while you’re working out and avoid unwanted bathroom stops. Here are some general rules.

1. Go on empty (sometimes). For an easy workout of one hour or less, going without food or drink probably won’t do you any harm. (Just make sure you’re staying hydrated.) But for any event that’s longer or more intense, preworkout fuel is critical. Go out on empty and you’ll fatigue sooner, plus you’ll have a much tougher time meeting your goals.

2. Keep it simple. So what’s the perfect preworkout meal? Familiar foods that are easy on your system, low in fat and fiber, and high in carbs will boost your energy without upsetting your stomach.

3. Time it right. When it comes to fueling your workout, timing is everything. Before your workout, you’ll want to have something that will give you a boost of energy without leaving you with an upset stomach on the road. So focus on carbs, and foods that are low in fiber and low in fat. You can find lots of prerun meal and snack ideas here.


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