Fitness Trackers Get Fashion Upgrades

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It seems fitness trackers are slowly becoming as common place as smart phones. It’s more rare to not see someone wearing one than it is to see them sporting a sleek black band around their wrist. However, one common complaint is that they just don’t look good when you want to get all dolled up. Well, fitness trackers are now getting major fashion upgrades, including Swarovski crystals.

Fancy fitness trackers: Meet the Misfit Swarovski Shine

So here is something I never thought I would say: There is a new workout wearable that’s too pretty to wear to the gym — but too smart not to.

It’s called the Misfit Swarovski Shine. I’ve been wearing it off and on with a stunning reversible pave encrusted pendant since it first launched in January. I get tons of compliments when people think “it’s just a necklace,” but jaws drop when I double tap the faceted face and tiny white lights glow through the crystal top to show how much progress I’ve made toward my daily steps goal or quickly flash the time. It’s like Tiffany & Co meets the Jetsons.

The Misfit app also keeps track of your sleep, nudges you to move when you’ve been sitting around too long, and includes integration with the Lose It! app’s food journal, among others, to keep your caloric intake in check.

The Swarovski Shine is the same kind of reliable tracking device, crowned with a clear crystal that cloaks Misfit’s motion and sleep monitoring sensors hard at work inside. Also tucked snugly inside this tiny tracker is a battery that lasts six months at a time, so there’s no charging required. Simply swap out the dime-sized watch battery once the device starts to peter out and you are good for another half year. The entire device pops into matching crystal laden bracelets, several elegant pendants, or more modest wristbands that help tone down the whole bling thing for more gritty outings or for when you wear it to bed to track your sleep.

Going beyond just how it looks, the Shine solves a few other issues with fitness trackers — most notably, that many are uncomfortable in subtle little ways that add up over time. TheJawbone Up24($100), one of my past favorites in this category overall, gets in the way when I type, and I have to take it off if I’m working on a laptop. The Fitbit One ($100), which clips to the top of my pants, is prone to falling in the toilet.

That’s not to say my glamorous Shine device isn’t without its drawbacks.

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