Full Body Circuit Training Workout

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Get out of the gym and take in the last remaining weeks of summer with this total body circuit training workout. Lace up your sneakers, put on your hottest workout outfit and head outside for this no-equipment intense sweat session.

Outdoor circuit training: 8 moves for a total body workout

You may recognize Jennifer Forrester as one-half of @twobadbodies, the superstar fitness duo that consistently served up incredibly in sync partner workouts in 15 seconds or less. Now, the personal trainer and former University of Washington Track & Field member is going solo, and turning the city of Seattle into her own personal gym—to our benefit, of course.

Since moving over to her personal Instagram, Forrester has been blowing up our feed with daily fitness inspiration, from motivational quotes to healthy fuel to new takes on old moves—she has a knack for making even plain ol’ pushups look fresh, thanks to her on-point form and do-anywhere mentality (the picturesque backdrops don’t hurt, either). In the spirit of making the most of our summer workouts, we tapped Forrester for her best no-equipment moves that can just as easily be done on the beach as they can the street.

How it works: Perform these as a circuit, doing as many reps as possible in 30 seconds, with little rest between exercises. After the last exercise rest for two minutes and then repeat the entire circuit two more times.
You will need: Cones
A) Start by squatting down and placing hands on floor.
B) Explosively jump legs back, landing in a full plank position.
C) Perform one pushup on toes.
D) Jump legs back into squat position, making sure to keep hands flat on ground. That’s one rep. Alternate between the two movements.
A) Start in a pushup plank position with feet together.
B) Jump feet apart, lightly landing on the toes. Jump feet back together into plank position. That’s one rep.
A) Start by squatting down until hips are almost parallel with the ground.
B) Hold at the bottom and pulse a few inches up and down twice.
C) Jump up and land softly in the starting squat position. That’s one rep.

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