Health Foods That Will Make You Sick

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More and more people are becoming concerned with the foods they’re putting into their bodies and it seems easier to find options that meet their dietary concerns. There are new products coming out onto the market everyday with words such as “whole grains”, “low fat” and “real fruit” painted across them. Shopping carts are getting loaded up with these “health foods” when in reality most of them are a health disaster waiting to happen.

What some “health foods” are really doing to you

When Australian actor Damon Gameau started adding almost a cup of extra sugar a day to his diet for a new documentary, the results weren’t surprising: his belly grew, he gained weight and he felt rotten.

But the twist of the experiment was that Gameau wasn’t eating a “Supersize Me”-style diet of shakes, pop and junk food; in fact, all those foods were off-limits. He was eating so-called “healthy” foods that just happened to be loaded with sugar.

Gameau says many of the “healthy-but-not-healthy” foods he ate are those that parents often feed their kids, including granola bars, cereal, yogourts, juice, canned soups and sauces.

The high-sugar diet devastated Gameau’s health pretty quickly.

He gained 15 pounds (6.8 kg) in just two months, as well as 10 cm of visceral fat around his waist. He also developed the early signs of pre-diabetes, heart problems, and something called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Beyond all the physical woes, Gameau says the worst effect was the mood swings.

Eating a meal high in sugar causes the body to release insulin into the bloodstream. But a few hours later, the body can go through a “sugar crash” called reactive hypoglycemia that leads to sudden weakness, lightheadedness, headaches and feelings of anxiousness or irritability.

Gameau realized that what we eat has a huge role in our mental state and ability to focus. He also learned that the sugar habit is tough to break.

When he did break the habit, he lost 90 per cent of the weight gain in a few weeks and got back his liver health.

“Once I stopped the experiment and went back to drinking water, eating real foods as much as I could, shopping the perimeter of the supermarket, all my symptoms reversed in 60 days,” he said.

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