Home Workouts That Will Torch Fat Fast

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There will always be a reason why you didn’t make it to the gym – overslept, working too much, not enough time, missed the train, traveling, family…When life gets in the way (which, let’s face it, it does all the time), take matters into your own hands…or rather your own apartment or hotel room. There are effective, fat-burning home workouts you can do in under an hour that will get you into shape no matter what your day looks like.

4 home workouts to burn fat fast

From supersets to tabata to circuits, these four plans are designed to help you melt away fat and build muscle and endurance in the privacy of your home (even if it’s tiny). Each workout can be repeated or combined with others in the series to build your transformation plan. Just be sure to always begin with 2-3 minutes of jumping jacks, high knees, or dynamic stretching to get warmed up, and never skip out on a cool down.


Looking to work your entire body in one go? This 40-minute superset workout will hit every spot, with each set targeting a different major muscle group. After each 4-exercise set, you can take a 30-60 second break. If you want to add a bigger cardio challenge, skip it.


Flys with hips in a bridge (12 reps): Lie on your back and push your hips to the ceiling, keeping knees hip-width apart, not letting your IT Bands take over to flare your knees out to the sides. Use weights that you can control in the flye so you can keep proper form throughout.

Bicycle crunches (30 seconds): Aim to get your elbow to your knee and twist from the core. Move your legs as if you are riding a large bicycle in a circle motion.

Slow Pushups (4 counts down, 2 counts up—15 reps) If you cannot control this motion, don’t hesitate to modify by dropping your knees to the floor.

Rollups (5 reps): Start by lying down on the mat with legs extended and arms extended over-head. Inhale and then as you peel yourself off the mat, exhale, rolling up one vertebrae at a time, pulling the belly button in and away from the waist band of your pants. Reach for your toes, inhale to reset the movement, and then roll down slowly, one vertebrae at a time pulling the belly button in, trying not to let your back plop to the floor.


Plank rotators (10-12 reps): Start in a push-up position, move to a high side plank, then back to push up position, then side plank on opposite arm.

Squats (12-15 reps): Hold two dumbbells in your hands. Use a chair or your couch as a guide or target for the positioning of the squat. Make sure to keep your weight in your heels, not your toes. You can pull your toes up to the inside of your shoes to make sure you aren’t letting your weight fall forward in this position. Try to keep your back flat, feet hip-width apart, big toes parallel, and gaze forward, not to the floor.

Balance shoulder press: Shoulder press while balancing on one leg—Keep weights fairly low and do 10 reps on one leg and then switch legs, performing 10 more reps.

Split squat: Holding two dumbbells, stagger the feet, front foot flat, back heel up. Put most of your weight in your front foot and bend both legs, making sure not to put your body weight into your toes. Again, pull the toes up to the inside of your shoes to ensure that your weight is in your heels, not toes.

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