Make An Easy Paleo Lunchbox


Variety is the spice of life, right? Eating the same one thing day in and day out can get boring and cause you to give up your healthy habits. Adding different flavors and textures to a meal can help combat the lunch rut. While here in the U.S., lunch boxes are seen as just for the kids, the Japanese have long been serving meals in bento boxes and the Indians in tiffins. It’s time to take a page from the lunchbox manual and begin having some delicious, healthy fun with meals again!

Think inside the box: A delicious Paleo lunchbox

Our goal every year is to inspire you and demonstrate that packed lunches can be simple, nourishing, and magically delicious for kids and adults alike.

Ready to tackle packed lunches this year? Yeah…me neither.

Unfortunately, healthy lunches won’t make themselves, but they don’t have to be complicated to be fantastic. In fact, to keep things as easy as possible, today’s packed lunch repurposes leftovers from the night before!

Here’s how to tackle this lunch (and dinner!):


For an easy weeknight dinner, roast a chicken (or two) for and a tray of carrots. Serve the chicken and carrots with a giant green salad and you’re good to go. Before you hit the sack (or, if you’re a procrastinator like me, the following morning), throw together a simple chicken salad, chop some fruit and veggies, swirl up a quick dipping sauce, and add some optional Paleo crackers.

Need more deets?

Chicken salad is super simple and versatile if you’ve got leftover chicken and mayonnaise on hand. You can make your own mayo or buy a jar of Primal Kitchen Mayo (Psst! You can save 15% if you use the code: nomnom).


To make chicken salad, I combine diced cooked chicken with mayonnaise flavored with my favorite spice blend and fresh herbs (e.g. scallions, tarragon, or chervil). If I’m feeling fancy (and not so lazy), I might add some diced celery, cherry tomatoes, or apples. Madras Chicken Salad is one of my favorite chicken salad variations.


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