Move Over ACV. Coconut Vinegar Is Here.

coconut vinegar

Coconut products are taking over grocery shelves and are a staple for health fiends everywhere. From coconut water to coconut oil to coconut butter, seems you can pretty much use coconut for anything and everything. Now, coconut vinegar is coming to the forefront, with benefits similar to that of the the other healthy vinegar, raw apple cider vinegar.

Coconut vinegar just as beneficial as apple cider vinegar

Chances are you’ve heard a thing or two about but another trendy vinegar, apple cider (ACV). ACV has been touted for its antibiotic-like properties and ability to help prevent indigestion and aid in weight loss—but not without a few moans about how terrible it tastes going down.

Turns out, coconut vinegar has all the same benefits of ACV, but with fewer calories (zilch, in fact!) and a much more tolerable taste and smell (it still has a little bit of a bite, but it’s slightly sweeter and not quite as pungent). A shot of coconut vinegar—while not quite as delish as a kamikaze shot—is definitely worth the pucker though.

Popular in the Philippines, this type of vinegar is relatively new to the U.S. market, so there isn’t much established research on the benefits of it. But we do know a few pretty convincing facts: For starters, it’s a naturally fermented food, made from the sap from coconut trees. “This makes it extremely good for your gut health because of the prebiotics and probiotics (healthy bacteria for your gut) they contain,” says LA-based clinical nutritionist, personal trainer, and author Jennifer Cassetta.

Looking for more than a kickstarter for your gut? Coconut vinegar has most of the same health benefits of other foods in the family, but amplified, since the natural fermentation process improves the nutrient content of any fruit, says Nikki Ostrower, nutritionist and founder of NAO Nutrition. Coconut vinegar, specifically, is high in potassium, B vitamins (bring on that energy!), and 17 health-promoting amino acids. This is an added perk since amino acids are building blocks for protein and muscle tissue and are linked to energy and fat loss, Ostrower says. Plus, like all natural vinegars, the coconut variety also has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which help fight illness and infections, she adds.

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