Novel Diet Tactics To Help You Lose Weight

6 diet tricks that work

Long term weight loss isn’t simple. However, there are many tactics and tricks people can utilize to help them reach their goals. We’re talking more than just calories in vs. calories out, here. We’re talking some mostly novel, less utilized tactics to help you lose weight, concerning anything from upping the water intake to color coordinating your food. 

6 Tactics to Help You Lose Weight

Drink water before meals

This may just be the easiest, most cost-effective weight loss tip there is, and a new study published in the journal Obesity adds to its credibility. Researchers separated obese adults into two groups. The first was asked to drink 16 oz. of flat water (no bubbles), 30 minutes before meals, while the second was advised to imagine that they had a full stomach before eating. In the end, the volunteers who followed through with “pre-loading” with water before they ate lost about 9.5 pounds, compared to 1.75 pounds for those who didn’t. The water group also shed on average three additional pounds, compared to the imagination group.

Previous studies have shown that drinking a few cups of water before meals naturally results in eating fewer calories, and other research has shown that a 16-ounce dose of water upped metabolic rate by about 30% within 10 minutes. While the effect peaked 30 to 40 minutes later, those little bump ups in calorie burning can snowball meal after meal.

Slurp soup (even cold varieties)

Adding an item to your order as a way to cut calories might seem counter-intuitive, but it can slash your caloric intake for the whole meal. That’s what happened when researchers had volunteers eat a low-calorie soup before lunch in an oft-cited 2007 study from the journal Appetite. In the end, participants reduced their total calorie intake at lunch (including both the soup and entree) by 20%, compared to when they didn’t eat soup. The reduction in calories also didn’t result in more hunger or less satisfaction.

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