One of Boston’s Latest Fitness Offerings is an Indoor Running Studio

Indoor Running Studio

Some may argue that Los Angeles is the “Ground Zero” of fitness, while New York City is the of boutique fitness, Boston is not too far behind on the trending fitness scene.  After all, it is home to the Boston Marathon, and despite the cold winters, it’s not out of the norm to see hearty runners braving the weather.  Given this, it’s not a surprise to see that one of Boston’s latest fitness offerings is an indoor running studio.

As old and basic as it is, running may very well be the next big thing in group fitness, and now Boston has its own indoor running studio, MyStryde.

Boston Gets Its First Indoor Running Studio

There’s no denying Boston is a running city.

From our picturesque paths surrounding the Charles River to our nationally recognized springtime marathon, Hub residents like to pound the pavement. But what if we brought these mile-loggers inside and had them workout on treadmills instead? Summer doesn’t last forever, after all.

Enter: MyStryde, Boston’s first boutique fitness studio entirely based on treadmills.

Similar to the indoor cycling facility concept, MyStryde has a variety of classes — 11 to be exact — from beginner level jogging to high-intensity interval and endurance classes. And the innovative studio doesn’t stop there. MyStryde will feature 18-22 Woodway treadmills — a more comfortable, forgiving piece of exercise equipment that aims to prevent common running injuries such as shin splints.

MyStryde is joining a growing trend of treadmill-based fitness studios.

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