Staying in Shape While Traveling

Whether you travel for work or play, I am sure you would agree that staying on your workout regimen is one of the biggest challenges on the road. Here are a few tips I hope will help you to get your workout in while traveling.

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5 Tips to Staying in Shape While Traveling

1) Have a plan – First off decide whether you will work out in the AM or PM. I like to wake up and get it out of the way so there is no excuse later that comes up. If you can, check to see if your hotel has a workout facility before you leave. I recommend putting together a few different workouts to take with so you don’t have to think about it when you get to your destination.  I also never go anywhere without Bands, they can be your best friend on the road and are easy to pack.

2) Reset expectations – You have to know that your workouts will not be what you are used to in a gym setting. It is important to go in with different expectations so you are not disappointed with your workouts but rather happy you are still getting them in.

3) Use technology – In this day and age there is really no excuse for not getting in a workout. There are so many great Apps and mobile sites out there to help guide you in any situation. For example on we have a wide variety of workouts ranging from 15-60 minutes; all done with minimal or no use of equipment.

Crunch Live Workout While Traveling

4) Get creative – When I travel I look at it as an opportunity to get creative with my workouts. This world really is our playground. There is so much you can find in a hotel or surrounding area to use for a workout. For example, you can run stairs in a hotel for a cardio bursts, take it to the streets for some fun, or use a sturdy chair for dips, incline push-ups, step ups and the list goes on. Of course you want to make sure whatever you are doing is safe and effective.

5) Your body is your greatest tool – Most people think they need fancy equipment to get in a workout when really there are so many exercises you can do to challenge the body just using your own bodyweight. The key to a great workout is doing full body movements at an intensity that gets you out of your comfort zone. Using a heart rate monitor is one way to see your intensity or you can gauge it by how you feel.  Some suggestions for increasing intensity are adding speed and/or range of motion to movement and always working upper body with lower body. When you feel breathless that is a good sign you are out of your comfort zone.

My favorite travel workout is the 300 workout – I pick 10 full body exercises and do each move 30X. You can go through the series 1-3 times depending on time and fitness level.

And finally, enjoying the process is the most important tip. Move in ways that make you feel good; it makes staying in shape while traveling easy!

Michelle Opperman is a Instructor and Regional Group Fitness Director at Crunch Gyms in San Francisco.