Switch Up Your Workout To Lose More Weight

switch up your workout

If you find yourself hitting spin class or running 5 miles a day and the scale hasn’t budged an inch, your body may be in need of something new to keep your progress moving. Just like you need to keep your mind challenged regularly to grow and stay sharp, you need to do the same for your muscles. If you switch up your workout time, intensity, frequency and type, you will be more likely to see better results.

The key to losing more weight: Switch up your workout

Your fitness results comes down to one simple fact: The more you do something, the easier it becomes, says certified personal trainer Nick Tumminello, owner of Performance University in Fort Lauderdale and author of Strength Training for Fat Loss. It doesn’t matter if it’s running 10-Ks, performing squats, or holding Warrior I without shaking. “During exercise, you’re putting a stress on your body, and during your recovery, your body is improving its ability to handle that stress.” The result: You burn fewer calories and build less calorie-torching muscle with every workout.

That’s why you need to switch up your workouts on the regular. While the exact amount of time it takes for your body to fully adapt to an exercise varies between women, you should typically switch up your workouts every four to six weeks, says Tumminello.

After that, you’ll want to rotate some new strength moves into your weight room routine, try a new workout class, or break up your long runs with the occasional swim workout.

“The easiest thing to remember is the F.I.T.T. principle,” says certified strength and conditioning specialist Mike Donavanik. “It stands for frequency, intensity, time, and type.” Change up two of those every four to six weeks, and your workout will keep your scale moving in the right direction, he says.

Still, that doesn’t mean you should perform the same thing day after day for four to six weeks before moving on to something else. Adding little switches to each and every workout can help you maximize your exercise results even further, says Tumminello.


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