The Fit Lives Of The 1 Percent

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Ever wonder how the super rich stay fit? A huge paycheck definitely affords them lavish facilities and top trainers, but many of their concerns are actually the same as the remaining 99% of us. Although you’d think looking good for the camera and media is their top priority, taking a deeper look at the fit lives of the wealthy show that regular exercise and meditation serve much larger purposes.

How and why the rich stay fit

When it comes to making big boardroom decisions, most executives like to take their time but when it comes time to hit the gym– it’s a whole different story. They want it quick and intense according to their trainers.

“CEOs and top executives come in all shapes and sizes and have different goals.  The one constant though is their lack of available workout time,” says celebrity trainer and author David Kirsch.

That’s why he designed a five minute, high-intensity interval training program so his big time clients can be in and out in no time.

“I recommend getting in at least one or two 5 minute express circuit workouts before you start your day. It will help fuel and energize you throughout the day,” adds Kirsch, who founded the Madison Square Club in New York City, where he trains Heidi Klum, Liv Tyler, and Kate Upton, to name a few.

Another popular trend among executive powerhouses is exclusivity. They want their privacy when they are working up a sweat so they head to high price facilities like E at Equinox, which costs $26,000 for the year and CORE:, a private members-only club in New York City where CEOs can work out and dine in private. CORE’s initiation fee is $50,000 with $17,000 yearly dues.

Holland says his clients like easy to follow but intense workouts, especially when they hit the road.

“Travel programs, fitness apps and virtual training are the latest trends in recent years, including the ‘Scientific 7 Minute Workout’ which gained popularity because of its effectiveness and short time requirement,” he said.

David Harris, Vice President of Health and Human Performance at Equinox says there’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” workout for an executive.

“They all have different goals and objectives based on their interests and health status.  But if I were to pick a common thread it is the following:  the need to de-stress through workouts that challenge their neurological, cardiovascular and muscular systems,” he said. “Popular trends are self-limiting exercises, ones that you can use your body as leverage and resistance against yourself.”

Harris adds that good old pushups, pull ups, and planks will all provide great benefits to workaholics and help them in real life situations. But he says while most of them will tell you that the end goal is how they look, the deeper reason almost always reveals that it’s really about how they feel and function.

“A sound mind and body yield far better results than one that is constantly chasing the dollar.  At the end of the day your health will suffer and so will business.”

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