The Fitness Industry Should Re-Think How It Motivates

There’s no denying that how the fitness industry generally approaches getting people healthier can be an acquired taste for some, especially those who are trying to begin an exercise regimen. While the trainers and instructors try to motivate, the incessant quotes and pictures they post on social media may actually de-motivate the people they are trying to get business from and help. 

In a recent study from Australia, forty-six per cent of respondents said they have had feelings of anxiety at the thought of attending a gym.

“You’ll never have sex again if you look like that!” screamed the personal trainer. His abuse was targeted at a woman who had made the mistake of entrusting him to help her exercise.

This story came from a client of clinical psychologist Louise Adams. “She was in pieces after that comment. It took her weeks to recover,” Adams says.

This anecdote is just one of many examples that confirmed what Adams, who runs a weight management clinic, has long suspected. People don’t avoid exercise because they don’t like exercising. They avoid it because they don’t like their bodies – and they fear the way other people will judge their bodies.

And now there’s research to back this up. A survey of 1400 people conducted by Nine Rewards for Curves has found that one-in-three Australians are avoiding exercise altogether because they’re embarrassed to be seen exercising.

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