The Turmeric Trend

Turmeric Trend

Turmeric is a spice that we’ve been exposed to since a very young age, but only recently began hearing about as a superfood. Some of its reported benefits include contributing to anti-inflammation, a greater level of anti-oxidants, lower risk of heart disease, and more. 

Check out these 8 tips for getting the most out of the Turmeric trend.

The Turmeric Trend

Turmeric root has been used for centuries in Asian and Indian cuisine, but beyond its savory flavor and flamboyant color, this little spice packs big health perks—which the Western world has finally caught onto. Its high, super specialized antioxidant (called curcumin) has been shown to reduce inflammation, which translates to lower risk of chronic diseases—and (bonus!) a clearer complexion.

These articles below will give you all the details on what turmeric can do for you, and lots of tips, ideas, and recipes for how to get more of the spice into your life.

1. Spicy news: Turmeric is the trendy new nutritional supplement
With new research backing its benefits, turmeric—that very same staple of Indian cuisine—is taking off as a trendy nutritional supplement. Experts dish.

2. Recipe: Taryn Toomey’s Detoxing Turmeric Tonic
The health benefits of turmeric make this tonic an awesome, healthy way to start your day—and year.

3. My Favorite Green Juice: Lexi Atkins
How does a rising star on The Boy Next Door and The Messengers power up for work before dawn? By prepping her juicer for this Wake Up blend.

4. Recipe: Turmeric Milk
Adding turmeric and a few other ingredients to your almond milk will transform it from a basic staple to a savory treat that’s healthy and good for your skin.

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