Tips to Staying Fit This Summer

Everyone should want to be healthy, but let’s face, it, so many focus on how they look in a swimsuit. People spend much of the year trying to get into beach body shape for the summer.

While this may not be the best motivation to stay in shape, at least it’s motivation, and it’s powerful.

But, even for people who focus on getting into shape for the summer, they begin to lose their motivation once the warm weather hits.  With the summer comes comes more frequent get-togethers that include tasty food and tastier drinks. Letting yourself slide on the discipline that got you to where you are just can happen.

So, what are the things to think about when trying to make sure that you stay in summer shape?

Summer Body Girl

We talked to some awesome coaches, and they shared their tips to staying fit this summer

According to Suzanne Digre, founder of Workout Nirvana, people often ask her how to stay motivated during the summer, and this is what she tells them.

“There’s no need to manufacture motivation when the weather’s warm – the outdoors is all you need. Instead of dreary cardio on a machine, get outside your comfort zone for a bike ride or run first thing in the morning. Join an outdoor boot camp or yoga class, or do an outdoor workout with resistance bands, like the this one. Take active vacations and hike every day, setting a goal to walk at least five miles every day. When you integrate activity into your daily routine, it’s much easier (and more fun) to stay fit!”

Suzanne is right, use the great weather to do activities outside; things that you might not normally have the time or desire to do during other times of the year.

We also checked in with Jason Helmes, aka Anyman Fitness, for his take on how to make sure you don’t let yourself go and stay at your peak during the summer months.

Summer Body  - Guy

“Summer is the time for pools, lakes, and beaches. It can be difficult to stay on top of your diet and exercise when every weekend is filled with burgers and beers.

Here are two small tricks I use to make sure I’m in tip-top shape when it’s time to go bare-chested.

1. If you have a weekend event, lower your food intake during the week. Keep your protein high, but cut back on the fats and carbs. Make your meals consist of mostly lean protein with some healthy fats, some whole food carbs, and veggies. This will keep your midsection flat while allowing you to recover from your workouts. It will also allow you to eat just a bit more on the weekend without any ill effects.

2. Train before putting on your bathing suit – and don’t forget the “pump”. While the long-term merits of permanent muscle building while chasing the “pump” are up for debate, there’s no question it will improve your physique in the short term. Hit the gym a few hours before your get-together. Get in your strength work first, then go have some fun. Super-set bicep curls, sets of 20 tricep extensions, or 10 sets of 15 push-ups. Engorge your muscles with blood. It will feel great and leave you confident to expose your upper body for all to see.”

Jason’s tips to staying fit this summer will surely help you look great and feel like you’re in bathing suit shape not just in the warm months, but even year round.

There’s still 2 months left of summer, so take advantage of all it has to offer, stay fit and keep looking great while you do!