Twitter Can Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

achieve your fitness goals

Twitter helps people around the world stay connected in real time, sharing everything from what they’re doing on their couch to gossip to the latest breaking news updates. While many people consider it the best way to see what their friends, celebs or favorite brands are up to, recent studies show that Twitter’s purpose is far greater than all that. It can actually help you achieve your fitness goals, too.

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According to the analytics team at Twitter, an average of 15,000 tweets about weight loss alone are posted each day. And the majority of these tweets focus on support delivered via information like tips and tricks and inspiration like mantras, according to Brie Turner-McGrievy, a health researcher at the University of South Carolina.

To see if there was a connection between tweeting about weight loss and actually losing weight, in 2013 Turner-McGrievy and her colleagues studied 96 overweight and obese people who were interested in losing weight and used Twitter as one of their social networks. What they found was pretty remarkable: For every 10 tweets about weight loss, the study’s participants lost an average of about a pound within a six month period, Turner-McGrievy said.

“I think there’s that accountability — that’s a lot of what group support provides,” she said. “It also is something that keeps weight loss at the forefront of your mind. And we chose Twitter because of how in the moment it is — it allows you to have instant support when, for example, you go to a new restaurant and don’t know what to order.”

As folks take to Twitter to talk about their latest fitness activities, some workouts are noticeably more popular than others.

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