What Really Ticks Off A Fitness Instructor

fitness instructor

You go to your Monday morning spin or yoga class, have a great sweat session and walk out feeling energized and ready for your day. However, ever think about what your fitness instructor was thinking during the hour long class, observing what everyone was doing? While it may seem that they don’t really care what you’re doing as long as you show up, there are definitely certain pet peeves that really set them off. Are you guilty of these?

6 things not to do in front of your fitness instructor

Ever wonder if your trainer secretly hates you? Odds are they are fully committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals, especially if you are respectful and follow basic gym etiquette. But in case you’ve ever wondered what really gets on fitness instructor’s nerves—we went ahead and asked them. Below, six major no-no’s to avoid next time you hit the gym.

“When someone leaves during the stretching portion. It’s so anticlimactic to have an amazing session and then have people bail during the cooldown. The connection is lost.”

“Stopping to fix your hair at the most challenging point in class so you don’t have to do the move. I’m on to you.”

“Chatty Cathys talking and clearly not paying attention, then they shout out, ‘What are we supposed to be doing?'”

“When people are unaware of their attire. If you forward bend in short-shorts and I can see your vag, so can everybody else. Come on now. Test your clothes at home first!”

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