What’s On Your Playlist? Let Spotify Choose

Spotify Announces an Algorithm For Your Workout

One of the best ways to get through a long run is to have that “ultimate playlist.” You want it pavement pounding; we’ve included music from all over the charts on our playlists from, Metallica to Ke$ha.  Music really keeps you going for all workouts, but especially running.

Spotify has recently announced “Spotify Running,” which has an algorithm that “knows” exactly what songs to play for your run. It knows so much as to play songs that match the cadence at which you are running based on your phone’s accelerometer.  Sounds pretty nifty, and this could really be a great DJ for your run if it works as it is supposed to.

From Gizmodo:

Running is big business. There are shoes, clothes, fitness trackers, apps, and countless other products that promise to make us faster—or at least distract us from our pain. For me, music is the only thing that’s ever worked. So when Spotify announced a way to “change the way you run forever,” I leapt at the chance. More accurately, I ran.

This is Spotify Running. Open up your Spotify app today, tap “Running,” and you’ll find a slick new home screen with several specially-made playlists. These aren’t collections of songs, exactly—they’re DJ-built instrumental mixes, organized into “moods” like Epic (which sounds like you’re running from the KGB), Blissed Out (sounds like you’re running in a bank commercial), and a Tiesto-branded mix (sounds like you’re running away from an EDM rave).

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What’s on your playlist?

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